broadcast whestTWO/4

broadcast whestTWO/4 (Discontinued) Phono stage, phonostage for vinyl
whestTWO aimed at the Podcaster, Radio station and the DJ/Producer.
The advantages of the whestTWO/4 are:

4 totally matched channels

Audio performance exceeding current RIAA standards used throughout the pro-audio industry

Enabling high-end audio performance even at low 128kbs. Perfect for streaming audio over low bit rate devices

Ultra low noise circuitry for use with high bit rate digital – maximising 120dB dynamic range at 24bits

Internally configurable for gain and load. MM 40dB or MC 55dB 65dB

Gain and load can be set to any value prior to leaving the factory

All internal audio channels are matched to within 1% of each other

For use with either one or two WPSU (whestTWO power supply) power supply units for higher-end audio performance


broadcast whestTWO/4 Brochure
broadcast whestTWO/4 Manual