Warranty & FAQs

Worldwide Warranty – Please read

All of our units have a 5 year warranty through the whest audio design house IF your unit was registered with us by email or by post within 60 days of purchase.  The warranty is ONLY valid to the first owner of the unit (original purchaser) and if requested we may ask for proof of purchase.  Failure to register the product your warranty has a worldwide limited warranty only.  See paragraph below.

Without a valid warranty registration, your unit ONLY has a warranty with the whest audio dealer you originally purchased it from.  This may only be 6 months and upto 2 years and is valid WORLDWIDE.

We will not accept units for repair if they have been modified outside of the whest audio design house.  If however you require it serviced, the charges will reflect the amount of time spent on the unit to bring it back to its original state.

As a manufacturer we reserve the right to change or modify the product in any way we see fit.

So why whest audio ltd?

We always get asked: why our designs sound so much more musical, detailed and resolute than the others on the market.

One of the reasons for this is that we don’t use the simple (gain-passive RIAA-gain) structure that the others use. This simple concept is easy to implement and is cheap. It can be found in any Application Note from various IC chip manufacturer worldwide and is the reason why the others use it.

At Whest Audio our statement is about ‘pushing boundaries of audio reproduction’ and we believe that this cannot be achieved using simple technology and simple circuitry.

We develop new ways of getting more and more information out of the vinyl record. Our R&D dept. spend countless hours designing new discrete transistor circuits to perform various tasks which will enable the proper transfer of the miniscule signal coming out of the cartridge to the following gain stages.

Over the next 5-10 years YOU will see very big steps in high-resolution vinyl playback from Whest Audio …so watch this space.

Before you plunge into buying a new phonostage, think again.

We are the only phonostage specialists worldwide.
We fully understand low signal level requirements.

To prove the point, if you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you need to call us:

1. Do you have any background noise before the stylus touches the record surface?
2. Do you need to turn the volume pot to 12 o’clock position to get a decent level from LP?
3. Do you think there is more to be gained from your cartridge?
4. Do you feel there is more to be gained from your turntable setup?

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