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Our webshop is now OPEN

5th July 2021

Hi all. Well.. our Mk1 web store is now open.  We also have in stock the incredible range of Audio Technica cartridges at incredible prices.  We’ll be adding more products over the next coming weeks and months. The ex-demo and B-graded products all have a 5 year warranty and are mostly current specification.  So if […]


whestTWO.2 getting to Serial #3000

29th June 2021

The classic whestTWO.2 phono stage will hit serial number #3000 very soon.  This is a milestone for us as the original whestTWO got to 2500 before we discontinued it.  The great thing about the whestTWO.2 phonostage is that it can be used with ANY low output MC to any MM or MI cartridge.  What we […]


Crazy Busy Times …..

25th June 2021

It’s been non-stop here but we haven’t forgotten to update out B-graded/ Ex-demo deals page.  Check it out….but remember that if you can’t find what you are looking for just email us.   What we do have which are RARE are  2 beautiful ex-demo  whestTWO.2 Discrete phono stages.  These are the new all Class-A versions of […]


B-grade, Classic Albums, MC Cartridges and more

27th May 2021

WOW!!!   What a busy period we are in.  We now have the incredible Audio Technica range of cartridges in stock at amazing prices.  The stand out units are the new ART9XA and the whole VM range of MMs.  They all work incredibly with the full range of whest audio phono stages.  Why?  Because they were […]


whestTWO.2 upgrade to Discrete spec for Europe

We are now offering an upgrade path to the FULL Discrete spec for all whestTWO.2 and whestTHREE Signatures across Europe. The upgrade elevates the audio resolution and dynamic range capabilities of these world class models. The prices are £799 for the whestTWO.2 Discrete upgrade and £899 for the whestTHREE Discrete phono stage upgrade. These upgrades […]


Audio Technica ART9XA now in stock

We now have the new Audio Technica ART9XA and XI in stock.  The differences…? The XA is 0.2mV and uses a non-magnetic core.  The XI is the ART9 replacement but better sounding. We recommend the XA version if using any whest audio phonostage.  This cartridge will give you the speed, dynamics, and ultra low noise […]


Testimonials for 2021

9th January 2021

We are slowly updating this page … but see what’s there right now.


New Reviews for a bright new year

2nd January 2021

Happy New Year to you all and for us here it’s been great. We have a few new reviews on our testimonial page and can see the interest and word is spreading about our latest product the Mastering Buffer Model BII.  I’d like to say thank you to all of you that have sent us […]


1st Jan 2021 – new VAT rules for Europe

31st December 2020

Hi.  Just a quick reminder that from 1st Jan 2021 we will be charging VAT separately on our invoices for all products going Europe. We also ‘think’ there maybe duty to be paid on our products when they enter Europe so for that reason we will be offering a special ‘EUROPE WIDE’ discount of 3% […]


Mastering Buffer Model BII first review in

20th November 2020

James Your email lit a fire and I ducked out of a Zoom meeting to test the Mastering Buffer.  H*LY SH*T !!!!   My first reaction is that it makes CDs sound 1000% better.  I played Alice Coltrane’s ‘Ptah El Daoud’ first running directly out of my Marantz CD6005 in the the ATC preamp…then I added […]


Ready to ship – Mastering Buffer Model BII

11th November 2020

GREAT NEWS The new Mastering Buffer Model BII is available to order for December 2020 shipping.  More information on the BII can be found here


Leaving the EU deals PT2

1st November 2020

So.. we are leaving the EU 🙁   BUT that is great news for you guys if you are thinking of buying one of our phono stages before the end of 2020.  You’ll get FREE shipping and better pricing before Jan 1st 2020.  Orders need to be placed before 1st Dec 2020 to take advantage.  We […]


Mastering Buffer BII just around the corner

24th October 2020

We will soon be releasing our 2nd product for the digital world.  Our 1st was the DAP.10 which we manufactured about 12 years ago. This new product called the Mastering Buffer BII is loosely based of the DAP.10 technology but with a twist.  Expected retail price is £2499 and it sits after your CD player […]


New ex-demo/ ex-expo bargains HERE

18th October 2020

If you are looking for a MINT ex-demo phono stage with a FULL warranty then… Check these out or contact us for more deals


Leaving the EU bargains

Good morning, afternoon or evening We will be having a Europe Wide leaving the EU sale from now until Jan 1st 2021.  This sale is on ALL new phonostages and applies to all EU countries.   All you need to do is contact us to find out what is available. ALL units are of course […]


Secondhand horror stories

12th October 2020

We have had several phone calls regarding a few whest phonostages on either eBay or various audio forums.  Although we never ever recommend buying from these places because you don’t get a warranty NOR do you ever get a current spec unit, we were sent photographs of 2 units that people were interested in.  One […]


whest phonostages NOW the USA

4th October 2020

We hope you have had a great week.   We thought we’d remind you all that you can now purchase our brilliant range of phono stages in the USA. We are now working together with Mobile Fidelity (MoFi).  The partnership is perfect because they are perfectionists in the world of high-resolution vinyl pressings and they […]


whest phonostages USA

28th September 2020

If you are based in the USA and want to listen or check out our range of highly regarded phono stages then you can now contact MoFi YES… Mobile Fidelity are now the official US distributor for whest audio. You can find out more if you contact sales on  OR simply contact us here


Ex-archiving spec phono stages For Sale

17th September 2020

If you have been keeping up with our news letters then you’ll know we are about a week away from receiving a batch of 2-4 year old whest audio phonostages from one of the vinyl archiving companies we currently supply.  They have updated ALL of their older units to the new 2020 40 Series and […]


whest audio in Germany

Germany has always been one of our strongest markets but it seems it is getting even stronger.  Since obtaining our German WEEE registration number  DE 38210449 the market has opened up more with dealers confident of our WEEE obligations.   All of the whest audio phono stages and the up coming Mastering Buffer BII comply with current […]


B-graded and ex-demo stock

16th September 2020

16th Sept 2020 In the next 10 days we will receiving several units from one of the big vinyl archiving companies that we deal with.  They have just replaced 12 of their various 2017 whestTWO.2, 2016 Ps.30RDT SE and 2016 original TITANs with our newer 2020 phonostages. ALL of the whestTWO.2 units coming in have […]


Transferring vinyl to digital

15th September 2020

We get this question asked a lot.  Because of phono stages are used in the professional vinyl archiving industry we have inside knowledge of how to best convert vinyl to any digital format. Drop us an email or call us if you need any assistance about this or any other vinyl or phonostage related topic.


TITAN Pro to the rescue

14th September 2020

I think we have our first Reed 5T user.  He has been struggling to get the sort of resolution he knew was possible from his Kronos Pro/ Reed 5T combination but couldn’t get it with the other phonostages on the market.  In his words ‘they all sound like hifi’.  After borrowing a TITAN Pro phono […]


Mastering Buffer BII Release date

9th September 2020

Hopefully by the end of September 2020 we will be shipping our first batch of our 2nd product for digital products – the Mastering Buffer BII. Quite simply the Mastering Buffer BII is an all discrete Class-A analog ‘final output’ stage for your CD player, high-resolution digital audio player or steamer.   You simply connect […]


Testing the new Audio Technica ART9XA with the whestTHREE Signature

2nd September 2020

We have received the all new Audio Technica ART9XA moving coil cartridge and will be giving this beauty a real listening session with our whestTHREE Signature phono stage. The new ART9XA is the new non-magnetic core version with an output level of just 0.2mV and easy going for the whestTHREE Signature phono stage because of […]


Last of the MC REF V MK4

6th August 2020

I hope you are all well.  We now are down to our very last 3 pairs of 2020 MC REF V MK4 phonostages.  The replacement is out later this year but we are offering these last few at a very special price. The MC REF V Mk4 is an all discrete 2 mono channel phono […]


Cartridge testing

7th May 2020

We often get asked what cartridges we use when developing and testing our phono stage range. The whole whest audio phono preamplifier range are listened to at several stages along the design phase using mainly high-end moving coils like the Ortofon MC Anna, Cadenza Black,  Audio Technica ART1000 and ART9, Hana ML, Lyra Delos and […]


whestTWO.2 hits a milestone

6th May 2020

Well it was bound to happen but the whestTWO.2 has hit a milestone… 1500 units sold since its introduction. It is not hard to see why.  It is the only phono stage below at £1500 that truely competes with ANY £2500 phonostage and often beating them.  It is also the only phono preamplifier at £1500 […]


Check out our updated Testimonial Page and B-Graded deals

26th April 2020

I suppose this is really where the action is.  The testimonial page will give you a REAL insight into what it’s like to live with one of our phono stages or phono preamplifiers.   Our B-graded phonostages  all include a 3 or 5 year warranty and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. If you don’t find the deal you […]


whest phonostages shipping worldwide

22nd April 2020

I hope you are all keeping well.  I thought I’d mention that we ship our phono stages worldwide and we also ship FREE OF CHARGE !!! Unlike other manufacturers who religiously increase their prices by 6%-8% a year due to “inflation” and charge for shipping, we at whest audo decided a very long time ago […]


A really great time to listen to vinyl again

17th April 2020

I hope you are all well during this strange time.   As you know we offer trade-ins on ALL new products and have some great deals on ex-demo and B-graded phonostages.  If you can’t find the deal you are looking for then just email us.  We will try our hardest to meet your budget.   Have a […]


We’re updating our website

13th April 2020

For the next few weeks we will be updating our website.  The online purchasing option has been disabled.  If you would like to purchase a product here then just drop us an email


Operating times due to the Covid-19

21st March 2020

I hope you are all well out there. Because of the times we now live in we have had to modify the way we operate.  We are still open but are following very strict guidlines in our work practises.  We are taking orders and are shipping orders but we do estimate there to be a […]


In Vienna Austria ? Audio Perfect

12th March 2020

If you are in the Vienna in Austria you can listen to our range of products at Audio Perfect.   As well as the highly regarded TechDAS turntables, Audio Perfect have some very nice turntables and cartridges along with some great budget phono stages too. Check them out .. .. ..


whestTHREE Signature – Destination Germany

If you are in the Essen area of Germany you can listen to our range of products at HiFi Pawlak.   These guys are specialist vinyl product sellers.  As well as some very nice budget phono stages, HiFi Pawlak have some very nice turntables and cartridges too.  Whest Audio are high on their list of top […]


Free worldwide shipping

11th March 2020

We often get asked whether we charge shipping. The simple answer is ‘we ship free of charge’.  It makes a BIG difference because when we ship to the USA or anywhere across Asia is could cost as much as £200.  That is quite a saving which could go towards a new cartridge, a meal for […]


Advantages of buying from whest direct

9th March 2020

We get asked this question at least twice a day.  Why buy ‘used or ex-demo’ from whest direct and not on eBay or any other audio market place. 1. We make sure all of our used units are fully up to date.  Even a 2010 PS.30R will be bought upto 2018 30 Series wiring spec, […]


Ex-demo and other bargains

6th March 2020

We have updated our ex-demo sales list.  All of these units are MINT and come with a full 5 year warranty and free shipping. All of our phono stages go through a 48 hour bench test before shipping. If you have a slightly lower budget then NO PROBLEM 🙂 Just call us or email us


whestTWO.2 wins ANOTHER award

The whestTWO.2 has won yet another award in Guangzhou  – Best overall Vinyl Product for 2019. Although the award was given in Dec 2019 we offically received it in late February 2020. The award for the best product across the whole vinyl related category – turntables, cartridges, phono stages, cleaners etc. There was only 1 […]


More great feedback on our Testimonial Page

11th February 2020

We have updated our testimonial page recently and have a few more to input over the next few days. This ever growing page is great to get a real ‘feel’ of what you can expect when moving to a whest audio phono stage. Whether you run a vintage Thorens or Rega turntable or a high-end […]


Operating manuals now online

9th November 2019

You can now download your operating manuals here  including Legacy Products. We will soon have a page for Product Registration but for now please drop us an email with your full name, whest dealer name and serial number of the product you purchased.  This will go into our database for your warranty record.


Mint ex-demo/ ex-show units available

7th November 2019

Fantastic news for anyone wanting a MINT whest phonostage in 230vac or 115vac.  We have several units – whestTWO.2, whestTHREE Signature, 40 Series and 1 x TITAN Pro that have been used in recent shows around the world.  These are VERY LOW HOURS units and will require running in.  If you haven’t got a distributor […]


Ibex Audio Germany appointed new whest audio distributor

20th October 2019

We are VERY pleased to announce that Ibex Audio, the premier TechDAS, Ikeda and Oracle Audio distributor are now one of our partners.  Ibex Audio are also one of Germany’s best known distributors having built up an amazing repuation with some of the leading high-end audio brands in the world. Now with Whest Audio entering […]


Audio Technica available HERE

23rd September 2019

Great News.  We will be offering AT cartridges (moving magnet and moving coil) here from 1st Oct 2019.  As well as offering these amazing cartridges which have won multiple awards, we will be offering ‘matched deals’ on a whest phono stage PLUS an Audio Technica MM or MC cartridge for certain territories – please email […]


ex-demo and B-graded units for sale

16th August 2019

We currently have several ex-demo and B-graded units for sale.  Just contact us if you’d like to know more. Remember that you will get a full warranty here, new box, cables and manual.  You can rest assured that these units we have are all current 2019 specification, MINT or near MINT and come with all […]


whestTWO.2 page now with video and audio

It’s 2019 at whest audio and we have audio and video on the whestTWO.2 page.  Just scroll down. We will be adding more video content to this site over the next 6-8 months so watch out !! Check this out  –


whestPRO LiMi video added

28th July 2019

Check out our whestPRO LiMi page.  We have now added video so you can HEAR what it does for your audio when shooting videos live.


Hong Kong 2019 Audio Show here we come

If you are in Hong Kong on the 9th August to the 11th August come and visit us in the LiMin room.   We will be showing our mighty TITAN Pro running into BAT electronics.   We have been using this combination for the last 5 shows now and have won BEST SOUND in all 5 shows […]


Registering your product warranty

9th July 2019

All whest audio products have a 1 or 2 year warranty with the whest audio dealer the unit was purchased from.  This would normally only apply to the first owner – ask the whest audio sales person in the shop you purchased the unit from.  The extra 2-3 year warranty with us at whest audio […]


Best Sound yet again

Well we did it again at the Beijing Audio show this month.  We won Best Sound of the show AGAIN in China (3rd time) and with the mighty TITAN Pro stealing the show.  A one-box phono stage that really does outperform phono stages costing 3-4 times its price.  Well done to my Chinese distributor LiMin […]


Ex-demo units with WARRANTY now available

26th June 2019

WOW… what an amazing spring we have had. What with multiple units going to single clients, hitting the 200 units sold of the versatile whestPRO Limi and now we have a couple of ‘special’ B-graded but MINT examples of the whestTWO.2 and whestTHREE Signature.  These are VERY special in that they contain a specially designed […]


whestPRO LiMi videos UP

14th May 2019

New to the whest audio stable is the whestPRO LiMi (little mixer).  It’s a fixed gain device that connects to your smart phone.  It accepts a line level input and will output this to your smart phones’ mic input.  You can shoot a live video with the audio feed coming from an external source.  Check […]


Munich HiFi Show 2019

12th May 2019

We had a wonderful time at the Munich HiFi Show this year.  Although we were not exhibiting ourselves we had 4 rooms using various whest audio models.  The TITAN Pro, 40RDT Special Edition and whestTWO.2 were all available to see at the show and playing some amazing sounds through some amazing turntables. TechDAS showed their […]


What’s new for 2019

4th April 2019

What’s new for 2019 apart from our new website? The 40 Series NOW in Black or Silver consists of the all discrete PS.40RDT Special Edition 48v and hybrid PS.40RDT both running in Class-A.   The new whestTWO.2 NOW in Black or Silver is a scaled down whestTHREE Signature and as you can see by the […]



Testimonials The Testimonial pages are making for very popular reading.  They give an insight into individual experiences with our phono stages.  A lot of these comments were left from users changing over to Whest Audio from another manufacturer and some – their first venture into REAL vinyl playback.  Whatever the reasons, you can read some of […]


News for 22nd April  – TITAN and TITAN Pro

News for 30th April 2019  – TITAN Pro. Apart from marking our 400th PS.30RDT Special Edition leaving the Whest Audio premises, we are also celebrating the 100th TITAN Pro phono stage being shipped.  The TITAN Pro is currently the ULTIMATE one-box solution for anyone wanting high-resolution vinyl playback.  As one MC REF V MK4 customer said […]


The best phono stage range in the world

The best phono stage range in the world Are you looking for a nearly new example of a Whest Audio phono stage?  Then look no further.  Our B-graded units come with a full warranty from 2 to 5 years.  These products are generally traded-in units due to the original owner wanting to upgrade. If you don’t […]


Transferring to digital?

Transferring to digital? Do remember that the quality of your transfer is directly related to the quality of your turntable/ arm/ cartridge and phono stage setup. Rubbish in – Rubbish out really does apply here. The whole range of Whest Audio phono stages are used by archiving libraries throughout the world because of their superb […]