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ex-demo and B-graded units for sale

16th August 2019

We currently have several ex-demo and B-graded units for sale.  Just contact us if you’d like to know more. Remember that you will get a full warranty here, new box, cables and manual.  You can rest assured that these units we have are all current 2019 specification, MINT or near MINT and come with all […]


whestTWO.2 page now with video and audio

It’s 2019 at whest audio and we have audio and video on the whestTWO.2 page.  Just scroll down. We will be adding more video content to this site over the next 6-8 months so watch out !! Check this out  –


whestPRO LiMi video added

28th July 2019

Check out our whestPRO LiMi page.  We have now added video so you can HEAR what it does for your audio when shooting videos live.


Hong Kong 2019 Audio Show here we come

If you are in Hong Kong on the 9th August to the 11th August come and visit us in the LiMin room.   We will be showing our mighty TITAN Pro running into BAT electronics.   We have been using this combination for the last 5 shows now and have won BEST SOUND in all 5 shows […]


Registering your product warranty

9th July 2019

All whest audio products have a 1 or 2 year warranty with the whest audio dealer the unit was purchased from.  This would normally only apply to the first owner – ask the whest audio sales person in the shop you purchased the unit from.  The extra 2-3 year warranty with us at whest audio […]


Best Sound yet again

Well we did it again at the Beijing Audio show this month.  We won Best Sound of the show AGAIN in China (3rd time) and with the mighty TITAN Pro stealing the show.  A one-box phono stage that really does outperform phono stages costing 3-4 times its price.  Well done to my Chinese distributor LiMin […]


Ex-demo units with WARRANTY now available

26th June 2019

WOW… what an amazing spring we have had. What with multiple units going to single clients, hitting the 200 units sold of the versatile whestPRO Limi and now we have a couple of ‘special’ B-graded but MINT examples of the whestTWO.2 and whestTHREE Signature.  These are VERY special in that they contain a specially designed […]


whestPRO LiMi videos UP

14th May 2019

New to the whest audio stable is the whestPRO LiMi (little mixer).  It’s a fixed gain device that connects to your smart phone.  It accepts a line level input and will output this to your smart phones’ mic input.  You can shoot a live video with the audio feed coming from an external source.  Check […]


Munich HiFi Show 2019

12th May 2019

We had a wonderful time at the Munich HiFi Show this year.  Although we were not exhibiting ourselves we had 4 rooms using various whest audio models.  The TITAN Pro, 40RDT Special Edition and whestTWO.2 were all available to see at the show and playing some amazing sounds through some amazing turntables. TechDAS showed their […]


What’s new for 2019

4th April 2019

What’s new for 2019 apart from our new website? The 40 Series NOW in Black or Silver consists of the all discrete PS.40RDT Special Edition 48v and hybrid PS.40RDT both running in Class-A.   The new whestTWO.2 NOW in Black or Silver is a scaled down whestTHREE Signature and as you can see by the […]



Testimonials The Testimonial pages are making for very popular reading.  They give an insight into individual experiences with our phono stages.  A lot of these comments were left from users changing over to Whest Audio from another manufacturer and some – their first venture into vinyl.  Whatever the reasons,  you can read some of the experiences and […]


News for 22nd April  – TITAN and TITAN Pro

News for 30th April 2019  – TITAN Pro. Apart from marking our 400th PS.30RDT Special Edition leaving the Whest Audio premises, we are also celebrating the 100th TITAN Pro phono stage being shipped.  The TITAN Pro is currently the ULTIMATE one-box solution for anyone wanting high-resolution vinyl playback.  As one MC REF V MK4 customer said […]


The best phono stage range in the world

The best phono stage range in the world Are you looking for a nearly new example of a Whest Audio phono stage?  Then look no further.  Our B-graded units come with a full warranty from 2 to 5 years.  These products are generally traded-in units due to the original owner wanting to upgrade. If you don’t […]


Transferring to digital?

Transferring to digital? Do remember that the quality of your transfer is directly related to the quality of your turntable/ arm/ cartridge and phono stage setup. Rubbish in – Rubbish out really does apply here. The whole range of Whest Audio phono stages are used by archiving libraries throughout the world because of their superb […]