Advantages of buying from whest direct

9th March 2020

We get asked this question at least twice a day.  Why buy ‘used or ex-demo’ from whest direct and not on
eBay or any other audio market place.

1. We make sure all of our used units are fully up to date.  Even a 2010 PS.30R will be bought
upto 2018 30 Series wiring spec, given new panels if needed and a new 3 year warranty.
2. ALL of our used and ex-demo units are tested for 48 hours before shipping.
3. ALL of our used units come with new cables (power & audio), a new manual and packaging
4. We are always here to help.  No matter what your phonostage requirments are.
5. We have been doing this for 17 years…and we are still here winning awards.

The list is probably longer but we really don’t need to boast.