Audio Technica ART9XA now in stock

27th May 2021

We now have the new Audio Technica ART9XA and XI in stock.  The differences…?
The XA is 0.2mV and uses a non-magnetic core.  The XI is the ART9 replacement but better sounding.
We recommend the XA version if using any whest audio phonostage.  This cartridge will give you the speed,
dynamics, and ultra low noise that your whest phono stage is known for.  0.2mV… low noise and clean gain.

The ART9XA has taken the top spot off the Hana ML and Lyra Delos AND Kleos.  Why?  Because the ART9XA is faster,
images better, has an amazingly real soundstage and behaves tonally like ANY REAL £5000 MC cartridge.