B-graded and ex-demo stock

16th September 2020

16th Sept 2020

In the next 10 days we will receiving several units from one of the big vinyl archiving companies that we deal with.  They have just replaced 12 of their various 2017 whestTWO.2, 2016 Ps.30RDT SE and 2016 original TITANs with our newer 2020 phonostages.
ALL of the whestTWO.2 units coming in have our specially built discrete transistor Class-A input stages built in.
ALL of these phono stages will be bought upto current 2019 or 2020 spec and will be sold very very soon.
They will also ALL come with a FULL 5 year warranty.

You can hold any of these phono stages before they have been completed by emailing us on whestworld@fastmail.fm
Don’t miss out on this opportunity