Cartridge testing

7th May 2020

We often get asked what cartridges we use when developing and testing our phono stage range.

The whole whest audio phono preamplifier range are listened to at several stages along the design phase using mainly high-end moving coils like the Ortofon MC Anna, Cadenza Black,  Audio Technica ART1000 and ART9, Hana ML, Lyra Delos and Atlas as well as a Koetsu RS from 1990.

For MM duties it is again quite varied.  We do have our favourites but we also use things that are no longer in production.   Here we use the OLD and rare Audio Technica AT20SS for it’s remarkable separation characteristics,  the Ortofon 2M Black, Goldring 1042, Audio Technica VM Series, Nagaoka MP200 and MP500, Grado and Soundsmith MI cartridges all of which we own.

The reason we develop using so many cartridges is because we have to know how our hybrid/discrete electronics behave under different loads and conditions.  All of this goes a long way to producing a range of phonostages that work optimally with so many different cartridges – moving magnet and moving coil.