Mastering Buffer BII Release date

9th September 2020

Hopefully by the end of September 2020 we will be shipping our first batch of our 2nd product for digital products – the Mastering Buffer BII.

Quite simply the Mastering Buffer BII is an all discrete Class-A analog ‘final output’ stage for your CD player, high-resolution digital audio player or steamer.   You simply connect the analog audio output of your source component to the Mastering Buffer BII and then connect ‘it’ to your preamp/amplifier.

The extra broadband resolution is attainable because 1. the Mastering Buffer BII does not present a load to your source  2. The Mastering Buffer BII acts as the final chain in the audio playback of that source.

Why have a Mastering Buffer BII and how much do I have to spend on a CD player for it to work?

1. If you enjoy the convenience of digital but want a more realistic sound, more like this 24 bit 192 high rez streams everyone raves about BUT better !!!!
2. The Mastering Buffer BII does not know what it is connected to so does what it has to do when whatever it is given.  The great thing about this is that you can purchase something like a £400 CD player like the Marantz CD6007 and IT WILL outperform any £10K player.  How?  Because something like the Marantz CD6007 is great at getting the information off the CD, processes is with grace and the outputs it into a cheap but good output stage.  The Mastering Buffer BII will take that output and REALLY tell you what is like.  In tests across 6 test subjects world-wide… ALL of them preferred the Mastering Buffer BII connected to a cheap £300 CD player to their ‘high-end’ £8K+ units.