News for 22nd April  – TITAN and TITAN Pro

4th April 2019

News for 30th April 2019  – TITAN Pro.

Apart from marking our 400th PS.30RDT Special Edition leaving the Whest Audio premises, we are also celebrating the 100th TITAN Pro phono stage being shipped.  The TITAN Pro is currently the ULTIMATE one-box solution for anyone wanting high-resolution vinyl playback.  As one MC REF V MK4 customer said about his TITAN Pro – ‘it’s a mini version of my MC REF not a big Special Edition’, and this was exactly the design brief.  For users with limited space and needing ‘ultra pure high-res audio’, the TITAN Pro offers remarkable resolution, musicality and dynamic contrasts that up until now were unheard of in a single box design.  100 units sold from recommendation, without a magazine review or major online presence – now that says a lot about Whest Audio, the new TITAN Pro and the confidence our customers have in recommending our products to their friends and associates.

If you would like any further information on the unit please just drop us an email on OR call us on +44 20 3176 0376