Secondhand horror stories

12th October 2020

We have had several phone calls regarding a few whest phonostages on either eBay or various audio forums.  Although we never ever recommend buying from these places because you don’t get a warranty NOR do you ever get a current spec unit, we were sent photographs of 2 units that people were interested in.  One was a 2013 PS.30RDT which was in reality a 2010 model but worst still the internals had been completely butchered, the other was an earlier MC REF 2014 model, again tampered with and passed off as a 2019 model.  On this unit the internal transformers had been changed to off-the-shelf units… ALL of our transformers are bespoke deigns.
The 30RDT has been sent to us and the repair bill will come to £1900 (new PCB, wiring, transformers and warranty).

I can’t stress this enough.  IF you want a current spec (2020) unit with a FULL warranty then call us.  The units we sell are all bought up to current spec and come with a full 5 or 3 year warranty.
Buying secondhand is a false economy.  You have no idea what you are really buying until it either goes wrong or someone tells you exactly what it is.   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED   :))