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MC REF V Mk4  –  Discontinued May 2019
The culmination of years of design experience has finally lead to this – The MC REF V MK4 Phono stage by Whest Audio.  It is unlike any other phono stage ever designed. The MC REF V is primarily designed as a moving coil phono stage with the minimum gain starting at 52dB and ending at 69dB, although 43dB MM gain can also be specified before the meticulous hand assembling operation.At the heart of the MC REF V MK4 is a newly developed fully discrete bipolar Class-A input stage. The noise level from this new ‘in-house’ designed device is lower than the best available monolithic IC chips available today but the advantages don’t stop there. The discrete design means sonic reproduction way beyond any monolithic IC available today OR tomorrow! The high output current of this device also means driving the new hybrid RIAA filters is done with absolute ease.The bipolar discrete stages operate in pure Class-A. The high voltage rails aid to achieve the staggering dynamic performance. Built into 2 matched mono-blocks each block contains a channel and power supply and each gain block contains 20 hand built and hand trimmed discrete Whest voltage regulators for near battery like impedance but without the battery ‘softness’ and ‘rounding’ of detail.The resulting effect is vinyl reproduction like you’ve never heard before.
The large scale dynamics along with a ‘real’ life size soundstage are just 2 of the aspects that set the MC REF V MK4 apart from the crowd. Add to this its amazing resolving power and precise timing, its lack of ‘signature’ and its ability to play music like no other phono stage in the world, you can see why it is the envy of all other manufacturers.Technology:
Pure Class-A discrete
Dual mono gain-block design
20 discrete voltage regulators per channel
High current and high voltage
52dB -69dB in 4 steps (MM optional)
6 load and capacitance settings
Hand selected parts used throughout


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