whestPRO Limi

High performance audio for your video presentation work on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Can be connected direct to your mixer, preamplifier, phono stage, phonostages or any other source.



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Because of our very close relationship to the recording industry and media platform developers users such YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, we developed an audio capture device to allow live recording, live streaming of the audio direct to any Android or iPhone mobile phone.  The whestPRO LiMi will also work with several tablets that allow recording or streaming to those online media.

The whestPRO LiMi is very easy to use and in essence gives you VERY high quality audio sound direct into your phone WHILE you are creating a video.  This is all done in real-time.  For further help check out our Instagram page @whestworld to see the whestPRO LiMi in action.  ALL of the videos below were shot LIVE while the audio originated from the main system or the mixer in the case of the blues guitarist.