whestTWO.2 with full discrete transistor input stage


£2,599.00 £1,799.00

This example we have is a Dec 2018 built unit and is an ex-show unit.  This one is a bit special in that is has a complete fully discrete transistor input stage developed from the 40 RDT Special Edition.  The sound quality is way above he already brilliant whestTWO.2.

It is MINT and comes with a full 5 year warranty, cables and manual.  This is a rare unit which was specially developed for the CES 2019 show in Las Vegas.

The whestTWO.2 is probably the best selling sub-£2000 phono stage in the world and the only Sub-£1500 phono stage that is constantly seen used with ‘serious’ turntable combinations such as the SME 20/SME V, Thales Compact II/Statement tonearm, VPI Prime Signature to the Audio Technica LP5 and Rega Planar 6.  The whestTWO.2 is a true high resolution and high performance phono stage that can handle MM-MC (43dB-72dB) in 6 steps, 100ohms to 47k in 6 steps but more importantly uses all Class-A hybrid topology.

This version takes all of that MUCH further  !!!!






whestTWO.2 German review