What the Papers Say

‘‘the Whest PS.30RDT is all the phono preamplifier they could ever hope for’
‘the Whest PS.30RDT is an extraordinary phono preamplifier by any yardstick’


‘dizzying depth, ultra-precise definition. It’s only what’s on the LP. But probably so much more than you’ve ever heard before’

LP Magazine  – Holger Barske

‘simply astounding and successfully challenges even the best MC phonostages’

Hifi and Records – Helmut Rohrwild

‘With the PS.30R in my system, I was entertained with outstanding control, definition, focus, soundstaging and transparency – If you value black backgrounds, superb inner detail and fantastic imaging, this one definitely has some serious ear appeal’

Tone Audio – Randy Wells

‘The PS.30R is, and I realise how dangerous such statements can be, nothing short of spectacular’

LP Magazine – Holger Barske

‘Soundstaging is beautifully three-dimensional and solid. The dynamics are stunningly transient and fine dynamics are elegant and accurate – and with this performance, can claim to be one of the very best phonostages on the market’

Hifi and Records – Helmut Rohrwild

the excellent channel separation, giving a wide, clearly defined soundstage. Individual sound
events are correctly contoured and powerfully drawn, and the imagery has exquisite richness of colour’

Hifi and Records – Helmut Rohrwild

the competition holds no fear for the whestTWO
and comes highly recommended’

Hifi World – Adam Smith

‘The Whest Audio WhestTWO is an excellent product that would be ideal for those who own high-end turntables and cartridges. It excels in the most important aspects of vinyl reproduction; quietness dynamics, neutrality and the ability to convey music as it was intended to sound’

Stereomojo – James Darby