A journey to get here – whestTWO.2

How to start?
Well having gone through the usual Naim, Cyrus, Lehmann, Graham Slee and Heed route with a vision to never buy a phono stage again I think (know) I am here now.  The whestTWO.2 is simply incredible.  The others all sound very average and some of them even boring.  The whestTWO.2 on the other hand is pulling information out of my LP12 that I SERIOUSLY have never heard before.  Ok.. it’s not the best LP12 in the world but is decent enough that now my vinyl setup sounds so dynamic, has a great presentation and wants me to play more and more.  I never experienced that with the others.  I also think that I might try another cartridge … I have a whole new perspective on vinyl playback now.   Thank you all.

Linn Lp12 1995/Ittok/Lyra Delos/whestTWO.2
David Wells  – Devon