Mastering Buffer Model BII 1st review

Your email lit a fire and I ducked out of a Zoom meeting to test the Mastering Buffer.  H*LY SH*T !!!!   My first reaction is that it makes CDs sound 1000% better.  I played Alice Coltrane’s ‘Ptah El Daoud’ first running directly out of my Marantz CD6005 in the the ATC preamp…then I added the Model BII  and it was like I’d flipped a switch.  EVERYTHING is bigger, brighter, bolder, fuller…ore life, more shape, more presence.  I am blown away.  This is going to bring me so much joy (I have thousands of CDs)…

I’ll write more as I continue testing it, but I have to say that I am bowled over.  I plan to spend the evening listening.

Marantz CD 6005/ Mastering Buffer Model BII/ ATC Preamp
Andy C.  Vancouver Canada

Digital Audio Playback done the whest audio way !!!