"Soundstaging is a beautifully three-dimensional and solid. The dynamics are stunningly transient and fine dynamics are elegant and accurate - and with this performance, can claim to be one of the very best phonostages on the market"

Helmut Rohrwild - Hifi and Records

Welcome to the Whest Audio website. Here is the place of the very best phono stages in the world. Whether you are a vinyl lover, specialist archiving company or are just getting into vinyl for the first time - you've come to the right place.


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The best sub-£2000 phonostage in the world just got better !!!!


whestTHREE Signature

A Modern Day Classic



Now in Black or Silver for 2019


PS.40RDT Special Edition

all discrete transistor, Class-A performance



the ultimate 1 box phono stage


whestTWO.2 Black

Beautiful MINT ex-demo whestTWO.2 in Black.   Used in a recent small independent audio show in Europe.  It has seen about 20 hours real use.  It comes boxed with manual and cables.  A real high-end performer that will see-off any £2000 phono stage. Comes with a FULL WARRANTY check out


Audio Technica ART9 Low output MC

Audio Technica ART9  - Modern Day Classic MC


PS.30RDT SE – New Old Stock

New Old Stock PS.30RDT SE.  2019 build in Black. 2019 PCB, wiring loom, 2019 discrete input stage


Upgrading from the Musical Surroundings Nova II to the whestTHREE Signature has been an eye opener.  I can hear so much more and the W3S is so much smoother than the Nova II in the way it presents everything.  Not that it glosses over anything, it’s just that the W3S sounds more natural and less forced, more focused and less hard.  Now to upgrade the cartridge to the Audio Technica ART9 as you recommended.

Mobile Fidelity Ultradeck/ Nagaoka MP500/ whestTHREE Signature
Pierre Jefferies
Paris, France


Thank you Sarah for pointing me in the right direction.  You were spot-on with your suggestion of the 40RDT SE.   My VPI Prime Signature/ Lyra Etna SL always sounded good with the Audio Research and Manley phono stages I have but the 40RDT SE elevates it to another level.  I have sold the Audio Research and Manley now as I am so happy and totally blown away with what I am hearing from my system.  Ok.. you’ve heard it all before – incredible imaging, dynamic range, realism etc etc etc BUT what I didn’t expect was after reading the other testimonials mine would read the same.  I know the TITAN Pro is better and come 2020 I will most likely get one 🙂  and move the 40RDT SE to my other system but right now I just can’t believe that the 40RDT SE totally walks over, tramples on, kills both the Audio Research and Manley.  Thank you Sarah.  It was such a pleasure dealing with you and if you ever need a great bottle of wine, you know you can contact me.

VPI Prime Signature/Lyra Etna/Whest PS.40RDT SE/ Classe pre&power/Raidho D2.1
Derren Wilson
California USA


Thank you Sarah and James for aiding me in selecting the right product for my Dohmann Helix 1 turntable.  I can say with my hand on my heart that I have never experienced my Helix 1 in the way that I now experience it with the utterly superb 40RDT Special Edition.  The whole combination now sounds just jaw dropping.  It’s silent between passages, has a truely scary 3D presentation and is so dynamic.  The previous ‘high-end’ tube phono stage I had before was so poor in comparison and that wasn’t cheap and is highly recommended by Stereophile… have to question that.

I can’t stop smiling 🙂

A Jasper-Bleu
Dohmann Helix 1/ Breuer V/ EMT S75/ PS.40RDT SE
Avignon – France

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Ibex Audio Germany appointed new whest audio distributor

20th October 2019

We are VERY pleased to announce that Ibex Audio, the premier TechDAS, Ikeda and Oracle Audio distributor are now one of our partners.  Ibex Audio are also one of Germany’s best known distributors having built up an amazing repuation with some of the leading high-end audio brands in the world. Now with Whest Audio entering […]


Audio Technica available HERE

23rd September 2019

Great News.  We will be offering AT cartridges (moving magnet and moving coil) here from 1st Oct 2019.  As well as offering these amazing cartridges which have won multiple awards, we will be offering ‘matched deals’ on a whest phono stage PLUS an Audio Technica MM or MC cartridge for certain territories – please email […]


ex-demo and B-graded units for sale

16th August 2019

We currently have several ex-demo and B-graded units for sale.  Just contact us if you’d like to know more. Remember that you will get a full warranty here, new box, cables and manual.  You can rest assured that these units we have are all current 2019 specification, MINT or near MINT and come with all […]

Welcome to the Whest Audio website. Here is the place of the very best phono stages in the world. Whether you are a vinyl lover, specialist archiving company or are just getting into vinyl for the first time – you’ve come to the right place.

Our phono stages have all been reviewed and given critical acclaim worldwide. They are used in both the domestic audio and professional audio fields.


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