"Soundstaging is a beautifully three-dimensional and solid. The dynamics are stunningly transient and fine dynamics are elegant and accurate - and with this performance, can claim to be one of the very best phonostages on the market"

Helmut Rohrwild - Hifi and Records

Welcome to the Whest Audio website. Here is the place of the very best phono stages in the world. Whether you are a vinyl lover, specialist archiving company or are just getting into vinyl for the first time - you've come to the right place.


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The best sub-£2000 phono stage in the world just got better !!!!


whestTHREE Signature

A Modern Day Classic



Now in Black or Silver for 2019


PS.40RDT Special Edition

all discrete transistor, Class-A performance



the ultimate 1 box phono stage



New Old Stock PS.30RDT SE. 2020 build in Black. 2020 PCB, wiring loom, 2020 discrete input stage


whestTWO.2 Discrete Black ex-demo phonostage

Beautiful MINT ex-demo whestTWO.2 Discrete.  This is the new SE version of the now infamous whestTWO.2 phono stage.  This model uses a newly developed Class-A all discrete transistor input stage for higher resolution.   Used in a recent small independent audio show in Europe.  It has seen about 20 hours real use.  It comes boxed with manual and cables.  A real high-end performer that will see-off absolutely any £3000 phonostage.   Comes with a 5 year FULL WARRANTY check out


Audio Technica ART9XA Low output MC

Audio Technica ART9XA  with the whestTHREE Signature - the perfect combination


Sarah and James.
I am so proud to say that I am now part of the whest audio family.  The new Mastering Buffer Model BII in Black arrived yesterday, just in time for an early Christmas.  My CD player is what I consider a very good unit – Roksan M2 Caspian.  It may not be the best in the world but it is a very nice player that I have always felt was easy to listen to.  What I didn’t like about it was that it wasn’t vastly different to my previous M1 and other players that my friends have purchased.  With the Mastering Buffer BII added it is completely different.  I don’t recognise it at all.  The reporduction now sounds ‘lifelike’.  Every instrument has weight and body.  Even triangles have weight – if that makes sense.  I cannot believe what I am hearing.  It sounds so real.  I know that there will be plenty of people that will not believe you and this product but it is their loss.  This is by far the best CD player combination I have ever heard.  Really.  I know that my friend Jacques is currently purchasing a unit too for his Exposure 3010 S2 CD.  Thank you again Sarah and James.  A marvelous achievement.

Roksan Caspian M2 Cd Player/ Mastering Buffer Model BII
Carlo Ponnetti – Lyon France


Your email lit a fire and I ducked out of a Zoom meeting to test the Mastering Buffer.  H*LY SH*T !!!!   My first reaction is that it makes CDs sound 1000% better.  I played Alice Coltrane’s ‘Ptah El Daoud’ first running directly out of my Marantz CD6005 in the the ATC preamp…then I added the Model BII  and it was like I’d flipped a switch.  EVERYTHING is bigger, brighter, bolder, fuller…ore life, more shape, more presence.  I am blown away.  This is going to bring me so much joy (I have thousands of CDs)…

I’ll write more as I continue testing it, but I have to say that I am bowled over.  I plan to spend the evening listening.

Marantz CD 6005/ Mastering Buffer Model BII/ ATC Preamp
Andy C.  Vancouver Canada

Digital Audio Playback done the whest audio way !!!


I have just plummed in my whestTWO.2 into my system (Thorens TD550/ Jelco 750) and I can instantly hear the improvement over the Naim Stageline/ HiCAP phonostage.  It’s a big improvement all around.  I can hear more from beyond the loudspeakers and vocals are very well projected into my room now.  The Naim was a little weak in the vocal department.  Lovely upgrade.

Michell Orbe/ Rega RB700/ Dynavector XX1 retipped/ whestTWO.2  
Paul Stanwood – Orpington UK

Latest News

Mastering Buffer Model BII first review in

20th November 2020

James Your email lit a fire and I ducked out of a Zoom meeting to test the Mastering Buffer.  H*LY SH*T !!!!   My first reaction is that it makes CDs sound 1000% better.  I played Alice Coltrane’s ‘Ptah El Daoud’ first running directly out of my Marantz CD6005 in the the ATC preamp…then I added […]


Ready to ship – Mastering Buffer Model BII

11th November 2020

GREAT NEWS The new Mastering Buffer Model BII is available to order for December 2020 shipping.  More information on the BII can be found here


Leaving the EU deals PT2

1st November 2020

So.. we are leaving the EU 🙁   BUT that is great news for you guys if you are thinking of buying one of our phono stages before the end of 2020.  You’ll get FREE shipping and better pricing before Jan 1st 2020.  Orders need to be placed before 1st Dec 2020 to take advantage.  We […]

Formed in 2005, Whest Audio Ltd has been at the forefront of phonostage design for both the pro-audio and domestic high-end audio industries.

Our first product in the world of vinyl playback was the acclaimed 2-box PS.20/ MsU.20 which won awards worldwide and was compared to other phonostages costing 10x its price in the magazines.  Stereophile magazine and Michael Fremer (the audiophile guru) put us on the map with the PS.20/MsU.20.

We strive to push the boundaries of vinyl playback with new designs and topologies.  We don’t copy like the rest, we don’t guess like the rest and we certainly don’t think ‘in the box’ like the rest.  Our testimonial page does speak for itself which is where we find the truth lies.

Since 2005 we have been pushing the boundaries of phonostage and small signal design …….. and we’ve only just started.


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