"Soundstaging is a beautifully three-dimensional and solid. The dynamics are stunningly transient and fine dynamics are elegant and accurate - and with this performance, can claim to be one of the very best phonostages on the market"

Helmut Rohrwild - Hifi and Records

Welcome to the Whest Audio website. Here is the place of the very best phono stages in the world. Whether you are a vinyl lover, specialist archiving company or are just getting into vinyl for the first time - you've come to the right place.


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The best sub-£2000 phono stage in the world just got better !!!!


whestTHREE Signature

A Modern Day Classic



Now in Black or Silver for 2019


PS.40RDT Special Edition

all discrete transistor, Class-A performance



the ultimate 1 box phono stage


whestTWO.2 Discrete Black ex-demo phonostage

Beautiful MINT ex-demo whestTWO.2 Discrete.  This is the new SE version of the now infamous whestTWO.2 phono stage.  This model uses a newly developed Class-A all discrete transistor input stage for higher resolution.   Used in a recent small independent audio show in Europe.  It has seen about 20 hours real use.  It comes boxed with manual and cables.  A real high-end performer that will see-off absolutely any £3000 phonostage.   Comes with a 5 year FULL WARRANTY check out


Audio Technica ART9XA Low output MC

Audio Technica ART9XA  with the whestTHREE Signature - the perfect combination


Audio Technica ART9XI Low output MC

Audio Technica ART9XI  with the whestTHREE Signature  - the perfect combination


Hey Sarah and James
I just want to say that I absolutely shocked that what I thought would my ‘quality’ 2nd system phonostage has turned out to be my MAIN phonostage sitting along side my Kronos Sparta/ OL Enterprise II/ Lyra Etna.  I never questioned the Audio Research PH9 phono stage but just warming up the 40RDT SE for an hour I was able to hear things that the PH9 was clearly covering up.  Vocals for instance sounding very realistic on the 40RDT SE whereas the PH9 had this thickness to vocals that covered up the vocalists technique.   Lyle Mays on Lyle Mays was an amazing insight into the differences between the two phonostages.  The PH9 was clearly the slower and warmer with a masked soundstage whereas the PS.40RDT SE was, well it sounded like Lyle was playing in my music room.  Incredible listening experience.

Kronos Sparta/ Origin Live Enterprise II/ Lyra Etna/ PS.40RDT SE
Josh Vogel – Canada 


I’ve finally plugged in the Model BII and know that this is it.   I have a Benchmark DAC3 next door that I bought into this system to compare.  The Benchmark is an excellent DAC but comes nowhere close to the Model BII output for 3D space, imaging, vocal projection and everything else.  The Model BII is so far ahead of the curve that I can’t see why anyone would invest in a DAC at this price or more.
Brilliant piece of kit.  Merry Christmas to you all.

Bryston BDC-3/ Mastering Buffer Model BII/ Conrad Johnson ART Mk1 preamp/ ATC SCM 100 ASL 
Joel Claymore – Calgary Canada


James.  It is always great speaking to you
Thank you for your advice on cartridges and also for the whestTHREE Discrete  phonostage that has transformed my record collection to no-end.  This is without a doubt the largest upgrade I’ve ever heard in my system.  Vocals sound real, instruments clean and real, imaging sounds real.  The whestTHREE Discrete is also ultra quite compared to my outgoing Moon 310LP phono.  It’s not that the Moon is noisy but the background noise level on the whestTHREE Discrete seems to be blacker/ darker or more silent.  I wasn’t expecting that at all.
A work of art that deserves a Nobel Prize for best sound  hahaha.

Transrotor Dark Star turntable/ Jelco 850/ Lyra Kleos/ whestTHREE Discrete Silver
Roberto Mann – UAE

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Formed in 2005, Whest Audio Ltd has been at the forefront of phonostage design for both the pro-audio and domestic high-end audio industries.

Our first product in the world of vinyl playback was the acclaimed 2-box PS.20/ MsU.20 which won awards worldwide and was compared to other phonostages costing 10x its price in the magazines.  Stereophile magazine and Michael Fremer (the audiophile guru) put us on the map with the PS.20/MsU.20.

We strive to push the boundaries of vinyl playback with new designs and topologies.  We don’t copy like the rest, we don’t guess like the rest and we certainly don’t think ‘in the box’ like the rest.  Our testimonial page does speak for itself which is where we find the truth lies.

Since 2005 we have been pushing the boundaries of phonostage and small signal design …….. and we’ve only just started.


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